Babcock 2014 - 10 years of running at Babcock!

As of January 21st - our Half-marathon trail run is FULL and registration is closed!!

We can't believe this is year 10 for our Babcock run- how time does fly! We went from a group of forty runners running there the 1st year, (all hypothermic as I recall thanks to 35 degree rain and sleet) and on a different course... to now what is a favorite for many runners from all over the mid-atlantic region. The last 2 years the event has sold out at about 300 runners and we continue to have families and friends join us for our fun walk to the Gristmill and back. We have had fantastic community support with so many smiling volunteers handing out water and words of encouragement. And of course- what about those trail runners- joyfully running through the words, picking each other up, supporting each other through it all. The trail running community is such a wonderful group of people. Of course, add to the mix the almost magical feel of running at Babcock. Incredible scenery, rhodo tunnels, waterfalls and challenging running..... WOW -  it just doesn't get much better!

Some photos from our 2013 run......

All race recaps with links to results and photos are on the right sidebar so grab a cool beverage and relive a decade of running at Babcock- we hope to see you on the trail!

Keep checking back for news and updates and help us spread the word - Babcock Gristmill Grinder 2014 is coming!!